Introducing CrewBase®, the world’s most advanced and effective peer-to-peer flight crew employment hub.

Find work. For crew members.
Hire crew members. For employers.
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Search our haystack…

Tap into our dynamic database of international career opportunities and qualified candidates and zero in on the job or crew members that match your needs.

…find your needle.

Our state-of-the-art find and match technology cuts through the clutter and takes the work—and guesswork—out of crew recruitment and placement.


Apply with a click…

When matches between jobs and qualified candidates are found, CrewBase shares them with qualified candidates, allowing them to quickly and easily apply.

…hire with confidence.

Employers are automatically notified when they receive new applications and can then connect with the candidates to schedule an interview or pursue an employment offer.


Your terms…

CrewBase-connected employers and crew are free to arrange and finalize the contract or employment terms that meet their respective needs.

…your journey.

CrewBase does not claim a commission or charge crew a fee for its services. Active members can use CrewBase as often and as for as many business aviation or commercial airline jobs as they want.