How CrewBase® Works

Step 1

Find Who and What You Need, Fast

We developed CrewBase® to be powerful, but simple, offering users all of the features and functionality they want with minimal effort and complication.

Pilots, flight attendants, and maintenance engineers looking for aviation jobs can join CrewBase for free. This allows them to create a profile with their aviation career qualifications, skills, experience, and the type of aviation or airline job they are looking and available for.

Aircraft owners and operators in need of cabin crew can also sign up for a free CrewBase account. They can then post business aviation jobs and commercial airline jobs they want to fill and the specific qualifications and requirements they are looking for.

Our innovative find and match technology immediately goes to work, analyzing the data in our proprietary international database of pilots, flight attendants, and engineers to pair qualified crew with the positions they are suited for.

Step 2

Meet Your Match

When matches between pilot jobs, flight attendant jobs, or other aviation jobs and qualified candidates are found, CrewBase shares them with those candidates, allowing them to quickly and easily apply.

Employers are automatically notified whenever they receive new applications and can then review the candidate profiles with the CrewBase mobile app or web-based app. They can then connect with the candidates they are interested in to schedule an interview or take whatever steps they want toward pursuing an employment offer.

Unlike some aviation job boards, CrewBase does not operate as a middleman between crew and employers. After matches between available positions and aviation career candidates are found, employers and crew can connect with each other however they would like.

Step 3

Have a Great Flight

After CrewBase has helped employers, pilots, flight attendants and maintenance engineers find and connect with each other, they are free to arrange and finalize the contract or employment terms that meet their respective needs.

CrewBase does not claim a commission or charge a fee for its services. Active members can use CrewBase as often and as for as many business aviation or commercial airline jobs as they want.

After members have worked out the terms of employment, the only thing left to do is prepare for takeoff… and fly.

More than an Aviation Job Board…

CrewBase was created to make it easy for flight crew and employers to find each other and fly. But it is not just another aviation job board. In addition to the cutting-edge usability and functionality innovations that set CrewBase apart from similar services, it also offers pilots, flight attendants, and maintenance engineers a range of aviation career management features they will not find anywhere else.

CrewBase allows crew members to securely store and manage their aviation career related records and documentation in their own document flight bag within the app. They can instantly unlock these records and documents for potential employers to review. CrewBase also keeps track of aviation career related records and documentation and automatically notifies pilots when they are due for renewal.

Find work. For crew members.
Hire crew members. For employers.